Am I POSITIVE? - Yes, I am!!!!! Optimism is good for everyone! It's not just a fantasy...because I can make it a reality.

I love fantasy art..it is so inspiring and gives me lots of ideas....Thus it is like Positive Art which helps me visualize the best in things around me. Positive movies, paintings, songs, buildings, poems, stories, ..and more.

In keeping with my theme:I will attempt to always keep the sunshine in my heart and share with others the cool breezes of my smiles as much as possible.

I will Visualize the good things and dream how to be amazing so I can make it a reality! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings - A Word Game

1. Coverage : Media exposition

2. Cynical : Optimism turned inside out

3. Gust : Powerful wind blurb

4. Improvised : Created with what you have on hand

5. V : Very nice indeed

6. Guests : Friends to delight

7. Brutal : Tough experiences that teach us to survive

8. Grant : To fulfill a wish

9. Pull : What I want to do when I see the rope of a church bell.


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

i like your definition of cyncism....

Monique said...

I love that you list the Mutter'ers. I will have to begin doing this as well this Sunday. And I'll be back to visit yours.

Happy Muttering!!

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