Am I POSITIVE? - Yes, I am!!!!! Optimism is good for everyone! It's not just a fantasy...because I can make it a reality.

I love fantasy art..it is so inspiring and gives me lots of ideas....Thus it is like Positive Art which helps me visualize the best in things around me. Positive movies, paintings, songs, buildings, poems, stories, ..and more.

In keeping with my theme:I will attempt to always keep the sunshine in my heart and share with others the cool breezes of my smiles as much as possible.

I will Visualize the good things and dream how to be amazing so I can make it a reality! :)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Positive Art 2011 - 01 - New Year's by video

I am posting the first of the New Year's positive Art entries! I've always enjoyed the art of New Year's celebrations. From Australia's spectacular fireworks, Auckland, Taipei and Hong Kong and also London's big ben big fireworks to New York's Times Square to Arizona's Pine Cone drop in Flagstaff to Seattle's Space Needle.

I hunted and hunted and finally found some videos to mark the occassions for Australia and some of the zones across the country:

Australia, Auckland, Taipei, Hong Kong :

London last year 2010:

London - this year 2011!!!!!!

Eastern Time Zone - New York - New York Times Square drop of the ball

Mountain Time Zone - Tennessee - Nashville Guitar Drop

Central Time Zone - Arizona - Flagstaff drop of the Pine Cone

Pacific Time Zone - Seattle Washington..
New post COMING SOON....


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Positive Art 2010 - 33 - Harp Art

What is Harp Art? It is art that goes on a harp, of course! My harp was so beautiful but it was missing something...take a look:


So I asked my sister to help me decorate it with something to make it fill in the missing something...she designed a beautiful icon for my harp's name: Aurora. It is a hidden design that you can see only if you look at it and know that it is there....look closely:


I loved it and had a decal made for the two sides of my harp:


Then, I also wanted something more colorful, with flowers...so I decided on red roses for the sound board front:


All together now!


Now, all that's left is to keep practicing!!!!!


This is just one example of harp art. A visual example. The harp also is a source of music art. Beautiful music......

Cheers and good tidings for the New Year!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Positive Art 2010 - 32 - Coca Cola Commercials

I majored in Marketing in college but ended up in Accounting during my career times. However, I've always loved commercials and ads. I know it sounds crazy. Lots of people hate them. But I've always looked at them as modern art and creative wonderments of our age. Some are good and some not so good. I especially like the ones that make me laugh, be happy, or are touching. These two creative ads from Coca-Cola are about people being happy and how to be happier...now that's positive Art in my humble opinion!

The first one shows people's reactions to getting something nice they weren't expecting...the second video is pretty cool because it suggests some things that a Coca-Cola researcher tells us we can to do which tends to make people happy.

(PS: You might want to pause any sound if the music is turned on..see bottom of my blog)

What were those four things people can do that tend to make them happy?

Did you get them?..ok..here they are in short form with my comments in paranthesis for easier reference later, but it's worth watching the short video to get the expert scoop....

1) Getting together with Friends and family for meals and fun (comfort, joy)
2) Exercise, jump (This gets your endorphins going)
3) Give your self a treat (Especially if you take time to really enjoy it)
4) Smile at someone (Maybe they will smile back and that can make you happy)

Thanks, Coca Cola.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Positive Art 2010-31 - Christmas Tree Art


The art of the Christmas tree is never the same at our house each year. It changes every year. Mostly we get a real tree nowadays, they smell so good. This year we have the Angel on top and multiple colored lights and ornaments with a cold shiny garland wound around it. I found my little wooden clothespin soldiers and jeweled southern lady ornaments that I have had for at least 30 years. Way back when I made the clothespin soldiers and they are holding up fairly well. They were an idea I saw at a Church Bazaar and decided to make one year early in my marriage. I wanted something homemade for a tradition. Back then we used to make these hungarian candy ornaments with fringed tissue paper and aluminum covering a chocolate covered peanut. They were a lot of work...haven't made any lately but still have one left from years past...I think there is paper inside...I found it this year and hung it in the tree. ...if you look closely you will see (those who are looking and have read this far) a little photo ornament of my daughter which she made in school when she was around 6 years old. I love these little sentimental glimpses into the past. They get me to stop and think about how thankful I am for this life. So the art of the Christmas tree surrounds us all who decide to decorate one each year. It's a positive art we participate in for sure. It reminds us of a time of year when all is new and hopeful. Of a spiritual occassion for the many Christians in the world. It reminds of the giving and jolly Santa Claus and his reindeer and elves at the North Pole. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus....Norman Rockwell was inspired to make a wonderful painting of him.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Positive Art 2010 - 30 - playing the Paraguayan harp

Yes, I am actually getting more and more into playing my harp. ok..this isn't really me... but it's fun to imagine.
Now I have to say that I have now found a particular type of harp that I have fallen in love with over the weekend. I attended a harp symposium at the Dusty Strings facility in the Fremont district in Seattle. It was amazing. Learned lots. Played best I could and then I saw the Paraguayan harp played by a wonderful latin rhythm harp player named Nicolas Carter. It was amazing...and this was just the lesson. Notice the beautiful decorations. This style of harp is actually played with the fingernails.

You can find Nicolas Carter - harp player on Facebook.

Here is a little jpeg of a more classic harp version ..I was hoping to post it in animation. But I can't find the file at the moment...maybe I'l post something in another entry later when I can find the animation I made...or just remake it. The classic harp style is more traditional and played with the pads of your fingers. Usually seen at weddings and churches here in the USA.

Yes, I will post me playing the harp too...even though I am a rank beginner. I figure I'll get better if I try to perform here and there. Mostly want to play the harp because I love it and want to share it with others. Now I just need to get those nerves in shape so I can play without too many faux pas. (that would be misteps...wrong moves...)

In the mean time....I will be practicing up on my holiday songs.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Positive Art - 29 - Wedding Art again

Chris holding jas

This is probably one of the coolest pics I've ever seen. Someone else took it at my daughter's wedding. Looks like a magazine shot to me. :)

Positive Art - 2010 -28 - 2nd Wedding in a Month

It think Weddings are art. I had the privilege of seeing a 2nd wedding within a month. My neice got married in a very beautiful setting in her mom's back yard on Hood Canal. Wow, it was amazing. Here is the happy couple.

Emily's wedding 3


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Positive Art - 2010 - 27 - The Artistic Chaos of Clutter

Is clutter ever considered Art? It may have it's place as inspiration but I don't think I would call it art. It's more like an art fart. Yes, when we begin that long road to undoing clutter we will find all sorts of things to inspire and reminisce about. The potential projects and the possibilites they hold are two examples. The forgotten memories which rush to the surface of our brains when we get the visual and/or physical contact with an endearing item that has now become clutter is yet another!!!!!! So I ask you...when you look at this photo...is it art or an art fart?

Art not, is it?

However, on the positive side there is something thatallows us to create this chaos. We can leave it and forget it. But unlike really good art we aren't necessarily drawn to go look at it again and again. The attraction is more a need to find something which is needed than to look at the jumbled creation that was made.
Sometimes I'm sure it's really nothing more than an inorganic virus that has invaded my space. A foreign alien power that has subtley grown when I wasn't looking into a mountain of chaotic papers, books, electronic items and furniture. There is always a pathway to get in and out. Funny how there can always be some order even in my room of Artistic Chaos the Clutter has parted to bid me enter and sit a spell to do email or unload some photos.

Even as I look now around the room and see all the little (and big) items in here I am thinking it's a jungle in here. It is growing and needs pruning. Many hours of fun await me here when I finally figure out how to keep just what I need to do to stay ahead of this clutter virus. I don't think there is a cure but there is hope. There is always hope. Enough for now. Chores await.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Positive Art Entry 2010 - 26:The Adventures of Chocolate Woman

I wrote the following story in 2006 for my participation in a Humorous speech contest for Toastmasters....I'd forgotten about it until this morning when I was looking for something in my computer and accidentally rediscovered it. It made a funny speech and I had so much fun writing it I did a little editing and decided to share it along with some photos I found of a Chocolate Model Show in NYC in 2008 at this website:

Some of these models embody the possible shapes and costumes of Chocolate Woman! The costumes had to have chocolate on them. There is Bat Girl, Wonder Woman, Zena-Princess Warrior, and a Space Cadet? LOL.

Now to the story:

The Adventures of Chocolate Woman

– written by Maria Wilson

August 30, 2006

Do you know someone who needs help due to chocolate?

Yes, chocolate! This is a very serious matter…which you must all take into consideration…....chocolate can be quite dangerous…so dangerous in fact that it calls for extreme measures of protection…

This realization has probably come to many of you… When on a dark and stormy night that extremely strong urge for a chocolate cookie strikes! What if there isn’t any in the house it could keep you up for hours stressing about it! What can you do? You know what you are like when you stay up all hours of the night! You ponder….run to the store for a chocolate cookie …..or……reach in the frig for that bland carrot stick….chocolate cookie at the store or bland carrot stick in the frig…….that’s when you need:

Chocolate Woman!

Faster than the speed of two chocolate kisses melting in your pocket on an Arizona summer day…..chocolate woman comes to the rescue! Immediately appearing on the scene, somehow bypassing your various house alarms and barking dogs with a bag of home-made hersey’s brand chocolate chip – melt-in-your-mouth…COOKIES!!!!!!!!

Phew, that was close. You relax and then in the wink of a black cat’s eye…Chocolate woman is gone! You eat your cookie and go to bed and right to sleep….almost… after the caffeine wears off that is…still much sooner than if you had eaten that carrot!!!!!! You find yourself wondering , who was that woman and how did she get into my house!!!!!!!

Yes, Chocolate, ladies and gentleman, can be dangerous even to children and can make thieves of even the most well-meaning of friends. Has this happened to your child or someone’s child you know? Let’s call her Mary, not her real name. For Mary coming to school with a great peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, a can of apple juice and a big dark chocolate candy bar can be quite traumatic. Why in the time it takes to look up at the ceiling reacting to her friend Billy’s (not his real name) innocent question of ‘what’s that’and ‘made you look, dirty crook’ (ha,ha) a dastardly deed has been done, unbeknown to her at first.. Not until Mary has finished her sandwich and chips a few minutes after her friend left with a ‘gotta go’ does she discover the missing chocolate bar and starts crying…that’s when she needs:

Chocolate Woman!

With speed faster than any lightening flash could muster Chocolate Woman is on the scene. What’s wrong Mary? ‘Billy took my chocolate bar’, Mary says. Out of the corner her extremely sharp eyes, Chocolate Woman can see Billy walking to his bicycle. With graceful catlike movements chocolate woman races towards Billy silently, pulling out a small flat wooden rectangle from her pocket as she nears her target. The Chocolate bar is sticking quite noticeably out of Billy’s back pocket…with stealthy and practiced ease Chocolate Woman walks by Billy removing the chocolate bar and replacing it with the smooth and nonedible wood so deftly it was a sight of beauty to behold. As Chocolate Woman strolls back to Mary with her Chocolate Bar, Billy gets on his bike and reaches for his treasure from his back pocket….only to find to his surprise a piece of wood ….’huh?’ how did that get there? Crime does not pay, thinks Billy….thankfully, he never tries to steal again! At the same time Mary is handed her chocolate bar and shyly looks up to thank Chocolate Woman…but she is gone! Mary is happy..life is good…but who was that woman!!!!!!!

One last scenario to demonstrate the need: You’ve been asked to bring something chocolate to your company picnic. You’ve settled on that decadent chocolate cake recipe handed down through generations in your family and secretly guarded for all time (having special milk chocolate chips in the batter). You stay up late the night before….to bake this luscious treat, wait for it to cool and then you frost it with the most fudgy dark chocolate frosting that one could ever imagine. You go to bed comfortable in the knowledge that this item will be the hit of the picnic. In the morning you pack it up and head off to the event….chocolate cake in your car. As you are driving you dream of the approving smiles from all as they take that first bite of your cake…..then, the unthinkable happens…a rabbit hops into the road…you step on the brakes just in time to miss this little fellow and also just in time to hear a soft smooshing sound….what was that? NO! The cake…yes, the cake it in is several pieces on the floor boards of the back seat…..You are devastated , your heart is pounding too fast, you might be having a heart attack…..that’s when you need:

(Can you guess?) --------Chocolate Woman!

In the time it takes a humming bird to flap it’s wing one time Chocolate Woman is there….hold on she says…calm down..it will be ok…somehow you manage to catch your breath and look at this woman. In her hands she is holding a chocolate cake….she tells you it has Milk chocolate chips inside and the frosting is of the most fudgiest kind. You cannot believe it….not only that, incredible as it may seem there is not one crumb in the car, floorboards or anything…it has been cleaned up. You glance back at the woman but she has disappeared. Gone, with the wind……frankly, everyone, you know we all give a darn…..it’s chocolate!

Yes, this is a very serious matter. Adults and children at risk because of chocolate……stress, life as a thief, and even heartattacks can be avoided.

When all seems lost and chocolate is nowhere to be found…who has the power? Who do you call?

Repeat after me! Chocolate Woman!

And that, my friends concludes today's story about the adventures of Chocolate Woman!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Positive Art Entry 2010 - 25 The Day After

So much can be said for beautiful weddings and their decorations. But all I really need to say is how wonderful it is when all the visuals come together to compliment a wonderful occassion.

Jas Wed

The Day after is always so full of stories and memories.

There is beauty in the reminiscing over the sentimental and amazing wedding of your child. The most vivid is of course the visual memories right after the event. To talk about them soon after the event with others will help them be retained longer in our minds. The rainbow in the sky during rehearsal. The handsome groom and his sophisticated and charming groomsmen. The stunning maids of honor. The wonderful little flower girl haphazardly throwing the little green flower petals along the walkway. The little boy, looking like a little man walking along with pillow in hand. The utterly amazing bride coming down the aisle in her glittering white dress, bedecked with pearls around her neck, with her handsome and proud father alongside. All the guests in their finery.

The beautiful and most elegant cake which in it's simplicity had it's pattern repeated in the flower girl's dress. The green satin and white sheer draperies blowing in the wind. The green and white round lanterns hanging from the ceiling in the reception room. The amazing flowers hanging from shepherds hooks, towering over the tables on tops of high pearlescent vases, sparkling in the bridal bouquets and on the lower table centerpeices. The moving, gyrating and colorful dancing crowd. The deep reds and light yellows of the wines in their sparkling glasses. The darkness of the night arriving softly. The refreshing rain which fell just as the incredible band finished playing their last set. The night ending with the largest display of sparklers ever seen. Sparklers that were held by the guests forming an arch of twinkling starry light for the newlyweds to walk/run through to get to their shuttle taking them to the hotel.

The Day after is filled with these thoughts as sharp and clear memories. Written on paper...written on memory.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Positive Art Entry 2010 - 24 Wings

As you may have noticed I like wings. This entry is one where my model graphic has dragon fire wings. Yes, it is a little different but I find it compelling. The animation world is a place where art meets imagination which then meets what you like. The positive thing about this is the enjoyment of what you like in something newly created. Mythical creatures and fantasy applications. It's begging for a story to be told. Another form of creation which has eluded me is writing stories about characters like this one in the post. I do better reading stories others have told. Who is that girl with the fire wings and the white dress? What is she? Food for some creative thought indeed. Smiles!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Positive Art Entry 2010 - 23 The thrill of color

Art can be black and white...which I do like a lot. Art can also be colorful. There is a thrill that comes from a colorful art piece that isn't there with black and white. Color is energetic and enthusiastic. Here are a couple of colorful graphic peices that should serve to excite your visuals. A rainbow rave girl I created on a 3d Site.



Monday, June 14, 2010

Positive Art Entry 2010 - 22 Awe from our Youth

I recently came upon a great entry about retaining the awe of our youth on a great blog called Whole Latte Life: http://joannedemaio.blogspot.com/2010/06/wonder-of-it-awe.html . Very well written sentiments about how we shouldn't forget that feeling of Awe that we felt when we discovered new things, played with our toys and imagined great things in our younger days! Joanne's ideas of keeping that wonder and putting it into what we do and create as a gift to others was an excellent approach to a creative artful process.

One thing I used to play with a lot as a child were paper dolls and making paper doll clothes. Coloring them and designing them. I used to leaf through all sorts of magazines as a child looking at all the clothes. Later when I learned to sew I would spent countless hours making Barbie doll clothes using patterns and designing new outfits without patterns. I remember one that I made to emulate a Hungarian folk dancer. In greens, whites and reds, with ribbons all over. I don't know what happened to that outfit. I do know that I had such a great time with it.

I used to love butterflies too. It would be fun to try to catch them but I was very careful to not hurt them and I always let them go. They were always so magical to me. Maybe that's where I got the inspiration to put together this avatar outfit and theme enclosed.....my artful gift for you today!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Positive Art Entry 2010 - 21 Transitions

I've decided to transition this blog to a Positive Blog incorporating Art. Transitions can be very good! The one thing that has always fascinated me is the transitions in music over time...and of course the corresponding fashion. There is a colorful music and fashion genre called rave. It includes things that I don't necessarily like for myself like tatooing and peircings which add a punk look, or the drug culture which is associated with it. When I googled Rave on the internet there was a lot of negative associated with it. Even laws targeting Rave organizations and places. That is sad and takes away from the Art to a large degree. You might argue you can't seperate the bad from the good with Rave.

What I find fascinating is the techno music and the colorful clothing and light shows that are part of being rave. Here is a graphic of a Rave oufit in a rainbow color. The graphic is eye catching. The boots are called kickers and the sticks are called Rave sticks. The sticks light up and can be used in laser light dancing and I'm not sure what else. Check out this link on Glowsticking: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glowsticking . Or twirling: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twirling I've seen both in Mexico on stage and in fire shows, a topic for another entry. It is amazing to see these acts. In some places the glowsticks dancing have been banned due to the danger to other ravers dancing.

Of course you cannot forget the colorful hair. Techno and rave...how new is it? Raves have been around as an underground activity for a long time due to the drugs and some gang drug activity and violence. See this article on Raves: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rave It seems to have a young following these days from my observations. Note how many young people color their hair in pinks and greens these days...young meaning in their teens.

What is the next music and associated art transition? Who knows. One thing I do know, I definitely want to see it and blog about it. It's fascinating.

Here is an example of a light show with techno music:

Here is an example of other techno music:

PRETTY RAVE GIRL - Anime and techno tune:


Friday, May 21, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 -20 Magic Diary

I'm beginning to think my blog should change from Postive Thinking to Thinking about Art! I hate to start another blog..I think two are almost too many as it is...but I seem to be moving more in the Artsy direction so this blog may get shut down soon..in the mean time it will be a blend of the positive and the artsy!

I had to make this entry because I was so fascinated by this site. It has a magic diary such as the one in one of the Harry Potter movies. When you write in it the writing disappears and a response suddenly appears. It even will remember your name! Some very out of the box and artsy thinking going on here. So if you feel like writing and would like some simple responses...give it a try: http://pandorabots.com/pandora/talk?botid=c96f911b3e35f9e1

Magic Diary

Positive Entry 2010 - 19 The Art World

There are many reasons why Art is so important to the world. It is filled with new ideas and different ways of thinking. I find that there are so many ways to participate in this field that there should be something for everyone! Writing poems, taking photographs, drawing, painting, even avatar graphics. I've discovered the fun of creating interesting characters and places. The fashion aspect and the experimenting with different aspects of what I myself might be like in the animated world. Imagine a place where you never change...unless you wanted to. You can even wear masks and have hair that touches the ground. This is the world of Art! Provoking, whimsical and strange at times. Here are a few of my recent experiments:

Avatar 2

Avatar 3

Avatar 1

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 - 18 - 5 things to know of Chocolate

I knew it the whole time! Chocolate is good for you. The darker the better. I think this youtube blurb explains it quite well by focusing on the 5 benefits of Chocolate:

2)Not so Fatty
3)Pass on Coffee, not Chocolate
4)Mood Pleaser
5)Remember moderation

I love that there are positive things about chocolate. Moderation is the key!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 - 17 - Feathers, Fur and Branches

What? Feathers, Fur and Branches. Seattle Fashion Week 2010 was the host to a designer that created some very interesting outfits. They were imaginative although not really wearable outside of maybe a movie set or theatre stage. I was very intrigued by the show and when looking at the pictures of the other designers clothes that evening I found these the most compelling for some reason. Positive inspirations come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This certainly appealed to my Science Fiction Fantasy side. I think the lanterns were a nice touch. Interesting idea to wear stockings on only one leg. Kudos for some out of the box thinking. Here are some of the photos I took as they walked down the stage:

Seattle Fashion 2010  1

Seattle Fashion  2010 2

Seattle Fashion  2010 4

Seattle Fashion  2010 5

Friday, May 14, 2010

Postive Entry 2010 - 16 Seattle Fashion Week

Fashion as a positive force? I say yes!

When I was in college I had a thought, an idea that I might become a fashion designer or own a clothing store with my own unique line of clothes. I majored in marketing and went on to work in accounting at a big company. Now that I'm retired, I'm having these thoughts again. This week Seattle is having a fashion week with an expo and runway shows. It's a positive force to follow your dreams and fashion was one of mine. In addition, I've always felt that fashion makes us feel good if we don't get too carried away. Comfort is key but looks are important too.

Here is a little longer version of 2009!

I find this too INSPIRING!!!!! Such energy and fun, it's just too Cool.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 15 - Aly and AJ Shine

There are people in the entertainment industry that just Shine! Aly and AJ are two of these people. This song they sing is one of the nicest songs. It's a slideshow video on Youtube but that makes it easier to listen to the words..the song ends with "every day is another opportunity to Shine' I love it and I'm sure it will be a brighter day for you if you listen to it! They have other videos that are also very good and uplifting. You Shine girls!

Thanks, Aly and AJ...:)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 - 14 - Avatars

Avatars Can be inspiring. I created a little slide show of some Avatar pics I created on IMVU: a more advanced avatar site which has some great animations. I love the fashion designing and there is opportunity to try some different things to do as well. Having amazing pets or even trying on wings that work. I have always been a science fiction and fantasy story buff so this is inspiring to me. The website is: http://www.imvu.com/catalog/web_index.php It's artsy and I like that.

(removed music...didn't know how to keep it from starting)..:)


Friday, April 30, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 - 13 - Harp Moon River

Moon River on the Harp!

This haunting melody always has me thinking of Sentimental times. It was 'our Song' and my DH (Dear Husband) and I danced to this as our opening song...recorded not on Harp like this beautiful rendition by Harpist Tomoko Sato. The positive force of music cannot be denied! It renders me speechless at times. We all participate in music in some way, either making it or listening to it! When I need a boost...I turn on a little tune or play one. Life is much more with music in it! Even the birds sing!

Here are a couple of other links to her harp music:


Hope this lifted your spirits...Smiles!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 - 12 Improving Attention


Or in my case Attention Span! I am constantly jumping around between topics and ideas. About the only time I settle down in my brain (other than sleeping) is when I'm watching TV or reading a book and somehow I can tune things out then so I can focus only on that task. The following Article makes the case for using meditation for improving your attention. Wouldn't it be good to have the ability to concentrate on what you are doing and not be distracted? Maybe you already have this talent. I think that maybe many athletes and muscisians have developed it. Maybe it helps them to keep from choking...making mistakes. It's not only practice that makes perfect but concentration as well. When we get self conscious we loose focus, our attention is diverted from what we are doing. If meditation can help with that I'm all for it. Here is a link to the article on the Psychology Blog.. http://www.spring.org.uk/2009/05/how-meditation-improves-attention.php which has more information on this very interesting and perhaps mind enhancing topic!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 - 11 - Decisions

Decide to Decide!

Have you ever gone out to dinner and were asked what you would like to order, only to hemm and hawww and ask the other person to go first...or even say something like I'll have what you are having? Was the main reason because you just couldn't decide? Guess what, you can do something about that....


This indecisiveness at dinner can be symptomatic of a bigger decision problem. Check out this article from Anthony Fernando on making decisions: http://www.anthonyfernando.com/2010/04/21/decide-to-be-decisive/

He points out the problem with the little indecisive behaviors. He says making decisions is a skill that has to be practiced. Why didn't I think of that? It takes practice. My DH (Dear Husband) is constantly getting irritated when I can't decide right away or hesitate with the little decisions. So the next time the opportunity comes up I am going to be decisive! I am going to not worry about it so much. I mean agonizing about the little things makes it that much harder on the bigger decisions. Anthony is write...I need to practice.

Anthony also has some very inspirational videos on his site. One Youtube video of his is a Never Giving Up Poem and it is not only uplifting it's very nice. I'll use it for not giving up on practicing...it's not easy practicing to be decisive!!!!!!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 -10 Optimism vs. Pessimism -


This subject is constantly coming up in my mind. I'm a proponent of optimism but not so much that you become delusional. I do believe that thoughts can lead to actions - good thoughts to good actions and bad thoughts to bad actions. I wanted to learn more about what others thought and began surfing the internet and ran across some interesting articles on the subject.

flower border

One article was written by a Nick Shultz - you can read it in it's entirety at this link:
In his closing, Nick talks about the importance of taking productive action along with having an optimistic attitude. He mentions a women he knew that had a pessimistic approach by expecting the worst to happen so that she would be surprised when something good happened. All too true in my experience, is that in the meantime while 'waiting' for the surprise, she was miserable. I'm with Nick - be optimistic, enjoy life, take the productive action to make it so!

Thanks, Nick! Smiles to you.

flower border

What about the Operation Nice posts by Melissa? One of my favorite bloggers.

There is the post which highlights the optimism of an 11 year old, named Jessica, who raised money by founding a charity at such a young age. The Charity was called 'Richards Rwanda' and was established by her to educate Rwandan young girls and successfully raised $75,000. Here is the link: http://www.operationnice.com/2010/02/nice-news-making-difference-at-14.htmlto that site. It has a CNN video interview on the site with her at 14 years of age.

Melissa has posted many times about positive effort and the productivity of optimism especially in times when tragedy strikes. She did a series of what she called Nice Campaings. A particular post about the tragic accident of a young girl and the resulting response by a friend to send out a 'Hey You'all' was very touching . In this little gesture the vitality and personality of the young girl lives on. Here is the link to that post: http://www.operationnice.com/2010/04/nice-campaign-hey-yall-day.html it's a worthwhile read.

Thanks, Melissa! Smiles to you!

flower border

I can't write about optimism without mentioning the Positivity Blog. Henrik Edberg. On his post: Take the Positivity Challenge: http://www.positivityblog.com/index.php/2007/02/09/take-the-positivity-challenge/ He goes into the rationale of why people aren't more positive. Some thought provoking and common sense answers to that are posted as well as some tips on how to be more positive.

Smiles to you Henrik!

flower border

It seems to me that life is just better if we look at the bright side and keep moving forward instead of sliding back into the past, revisiting the could of's, would of's and should of's that might have been.

A quick recap:
  • Be productive as well as have a positive attitude
  • Look to the future good that you can do
  • Don't look back, the past is past and it wasn't meant to be dwelt upon

I'll end with, Smiles to you, the readers!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Positive Entry - 2010 - 8 - Earth Day

EARTH DAY ENTRY - The unraveling

You might not have noticed this one but on the Google home page it is today's featured link. It is more of an awareness video...no strings attached (ha, ha).

There is Hope - Happy Earth Day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 - 6 - Fly to find yourself


This is a Youtube video called 'Fly' I found when I was surfing the web after a relative sent me a wonderful song about Oregon...:)

This is inspirational in that the message is about finding yourself and being the best you! I love that message!



Thursday, April 1, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 - 7 - My Garden

Before and After!

A garden can change so much just with plants growing but when a person decided to get things cleaned up the effects can be pretty dramatic. We decided to make our garden easier to take care of and to add cleaner lines. I tend to love the English cottage look and the tropical look too, but I'm finding I cannot maintain it that well. See the before photos of the front of our yard by the house. There was a quaint beauty here but it was quickly getting out of control. The palm greens were getting too large and although I love them as a reminder of tropical times...they had to go....with some soul searching and a lot of convincing from my husband we decided to add a sidewalk and some borders to create a more welcoming and clean look...what do you think?







Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Positive Entry - 2010 - 5 - Flylady


This is a You-tube entry by a woman who calls herself the Flylady! Fly is also an acronym FLY which stands for Finally Loving Yourself. She also has a great website for getting your life in order: http://flylady.net/index.asp

Her ideas are worth trying and this beach scene is worth viewing.

Because of her I'm actually making progress with my clutter and she is able to help me do this in a very relaxing manner using babysteps!!!!!



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Positive Entry 2010 - 4 Valentines Romance

A Valentine's Day Thought

What is Romance to you? Now there is a good question. I heard it asked on the Nancy Kerrigan's 'Enchanted Evening' Ice Skating special today on Channel 5 TV in our Area. It was asked of the Skaters in the program. The answers were widesspread between Romance being described as time spent with someone you care about to Love and a Feeling.

I think Romance is a positve thing if it is mutual between two people...even if not there is beauty in it. Romance is a special thing alright. To me it is a state of mind in general. It is a way of looking at life and your closest friends and family. Jane Seymour has a great book about Romantic living (Called Jane Seymour's Guid to Romantic Living) and it is all about living with a love and passion of life, of being creative and forever looking for beauty in life. I like that view. Romance is so much easier when you beginning something new...and new adventure, a new love, a vacation. It seems to be more of an impact when you don't even have to think about it to feel it. Although you do have to think about it to make romantic things happen...because it is a feeling and because it is a mood it is hard to predict but not so hard to plan for happening. Candles, a little champagne and strawberries. Soft music. Beautiful scenery..water, mountains, sunsets. What is romance to you? Do you have some thoughts to share?

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