Am I POSITIVE? - Yes, I am!!!!! Optimism is good for everyone! It's not just a fantasy...because I can make it a reality.

I love fantasy art..it is so inspiring and gives me lots of ideas....Thus it is like Positive Art which helps me visualize the best in things around me. Positive movies, paintings, songs, buildings, poems, stories, ..and more.

In keeping with my theme:I will attempt to always keep the sunshine in my heart and share with others the cool breezes of my smiles as much as possible.

I will Visualize the good things and dream how to be amazing so I can make it a reality! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Positive Art 2010 - 32 - Coca Cola Commercials

I majored in Marketing in college but ended up in Accounting during my career times. However, I've always loved commercials and ads. I know it sounds crazy. Lots of people hate them. But I've always looked at them as modern art and creative wonderments of our age. Some are good and some not so good. I especially like the ones that make me laugh, be happy, or are touching. These two creative ads from Coca-Cola are about people being happy and how to be happier...now that's positive Art in my humble opinion!

The first one shows people's reactions to getting something nice they weren't expecting...the second video is pretty cool because it suggests some things that a Coca-Cola researcher tells us we can to do which tends to make people happy.

(PS: You might want to pause any sound if the music is turned on..see bottom of my blog)

What were those four things people can do that tend to make them happy?

Did you get them?..ok..here they are in short form with my comments in paranthesis for easier reference later, but it's worth watching the short video to get the expert scoop....

1) Getting together with Friends and family for meals and fun (comfort, joy)
2) Exercise, jump (This gets your endorphins going)
3) Give your self a treat (Especially if you take time to really enjoy it)
4) Smile at someone (Maybe they will smile back and that can make you happy)

Thanks, Coca Cola.

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