Am I POSITIVE? - Yes, I am!!!!! Optimism is good for everyone! It's not just a fantasy...because I can make it a reality.

I love fantasy art..it is so inspiring and gives me lots of ideas....Thus it is like Positive Art which helps me visualize the best in things around me. Positive movies, paintings, songs, buildings, poems, stories, ..and more.

In keeping with my theme:I will attempt to always keep the sunshine in my heart and share with others the cool breezes of my smiles as much as possible.

I will Visualize the good things and dream how to be amazing so I can make it a reality! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Positive fixes - entry 2009-4


This is sort of like a gazing globe for the mouth...:)


Week 360

I say ... and you think ... ?

Here are my answers:

1. Interest – the money I earn on savings – Yay!
2. Chase – Manhattan, a mortgage company for homes
3. Itch – scratching that satisfies
4. Soothe – lotion effect on the hands
5. Lamp – light in the living room
6. Tutor – teacher with a personal touch
7. Nicole – one of my daughter’s friends
8. Sloth – furry mammal
9. Burn - The TV show ‘Burn Notice’
10. Bug - Ladybug


My positive fixes - entry 2009 - 03


This is such a magical time of year. I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas but I wish everyone did. The traditions and decorations, the feeling of good will, the hope in a new beginning, a clean spirit, a joyful time are all part of this time. The true spirit of Christmas is about giving and helping and enjoying each other from the heart. I've always felt that it's important to give of oneself especially at this time of year.

My memories of Christmas extend way back to when I was about 3 years old and my sister and I were all dressed up for church. We were at a friend's home that day and got our photo taken at the foot of their huge, and I mean huge, tree. Even though the photo is in black and white I still remember some of the colors of the dresses we wore and the presents under the tree. Not much more just the image of it being a special time. My mom always dressed my sister and I like twins when were were young. It was easier I guess. We are 1 and 1/2 years apart, me being the oldest...but she was pretty much the taller one the whole time we were growing up and she still is!

I remember being so grateful for whatever we got for presents. You can't imagine how that felt unless you have been in situations when you don't have a lot of money. We played with the toys all year long and when Easter or our Birthday's came we would get presents then but otherwise we got what we needed. There was not much money to spend on wants during the rest of the year especially since there eventually were seven of us siblings, with me as the oldest. Somehow I think that made Christmas all the more special. Looking forward to seeing those presents under the tree was so exciting...however, I think it was even more fun anticipating and then walking out of our rooms on Christmas Eve after the 'angel' had come to see our presents all wrapped up. Giggling with each other as we opened our own packages. These are some of my Christmas childhood memories.

Maybe that is why my family keeps up this tradition even though we have all grown up and our children are young adults for the most part. But now, we are in a better position and we are used to just buying things throughout the year when we want them. We have more than we need, luckily we all have fulltime jobs and can do this. I know that having gift exchanges are fun and all but somehow the magic is not the same. I am so blessed to have so many things, and even though I am not rich by any means I don't really need anything. What I love is to get gifts from the heart and to give gifts from the heart. I think that is what we all love. That is what is uplifting to me. It is always so wonderful to know someone thought of you from their heart. Even the gesture of a gift to a charity from their heart on your behalf is something to cherish. I love hearing the story of the charity or how the giving was done. There are so many deserving people out there that are out of work or ill. Prayers are always good to give. I try to write a few prayers this time of year to give silently to those in need. Especially those I might know about more personally. Prayers do get answered.

In any case, thinking about this and how we feel when we know we have celebrated Christmas from the heart is exciting. Ask yourself if the gift you are giving is from the heart and if not, how can it be from the heart?..or better yet make an afformation - How is it from the heart? and make it happen.

It's almost Christmas, isn't it time for making more memories we will cherish for years to come - like this little gif made by a fellow blogger awhile ago and shared with me and many others gifts like these from her heart before she became ill and had to cut back on her sharing. Her heartfelt gift remains for me and you to enjoy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

My positive fixes - entry 2009 - 02


This is my second post on my positive fixes. I feel compelled
to seek out things which are positive and optimistic. We have too
much attention on the cyniscism in the world. I feel that more
energy needs to be expended on the bright and useful thinking
surrounding us. While it's not good to bury one's head in the
sand like the proverbial ostriche it's also not good to dwell on
what is wrong all the time. That's why we have backup plans.
In any case I am convinced that a focus on the positive in the
moment will help us to avoid the negative in the moment and
thus in the future as well.

My entry today is a spotlight on a blogger who continually inspires.
I am completely impressed with this positive thinker!
Henrik Edberg is the blogger and his intention is to write
about all sorts of positive things that might help people.

He writes in the entry at this link:
about his tips on blogging.

Who couldn't use some good blogging tips.

He covers 9 lessons he's learned about life
through his blogging. To wet your curiousity appetite here
are the titles of the nine lessons ----------------
(he has some great explanations for each one on his site):

1) Don't wait for Inspiration
2) More work less talk
3) Learn from people with more experience
4) You need to set limits and just focus on what is important
5) You get what you give
6) More external validation won't save you
7) Ideas and insights are fleeting
8) How you present it makes a big difference
9) Don't think about what everyone else may think

I enjoy Henrik's candor and his indepth writings. Maybe you
will too. He identified not just two or three lessons but nine!!!!!
I felt that all were great but I especially liked 1), 2), 5) and 7).
The images he chooses for his entries are always very intriguing
to me as well. Whether you agree with these lessons or not,
after reading his descriptions you might find your own life
enriched a little after visiting his blog. I know I did. I'm very much
of the thinking if just even one person is helped that is success!
It always makes me think..what if...?


Friday, November 6, 2009

My positive fixes - entry 2009 - 01 - 3 bloggers of note


I sometimes visit my favorite blogs, twitters or facebooks and get some wonderful ideas and links to help satisfy my addiction to positive things. Whenever I visit a site which I think is positive or inspiring I have been trying to find a way to capture that for the future. I tend to jump around a lot so that I lose track in my travels between blogs, comments and sites sometimes and have been trying to think of ways to capture these entries for later visiting. I don't want to lose them.

Ta da! I found a way to keep that thread by periodically blogging about their blog, site or twitter. I can note why I think that the entries are a positive force and an antidote to my affliction with Positive thinking. Yes, I say it is like the caffiene for my coffee. Sometimes I need to revisit these places and when I can't find them again I feel a sense of loss. Hopefully, no longer will this be a problem as I begin to capture these visits on my blog from now on! I also love to number things. That's keeping me organized as well. Notice that this entry title is numbered Positive fix 2009-01. ( I don't think I'll get past 99 before December). (An addiction to numbers can be a bit much I admit, but I love to number things to for tracking and find them later. I have some latent Librarian desires and tendencies...don't even get me started on the Dewey Decimal system....hmmm, I haven't thought about that for a long time.)

Today I'm going to honor three sites that had blogs or ideas I thought were especially fit for getting a positive fix (besides mine of course...LOL):

1) Operation Nice - a great blog entry about doing nice things. See the link on my sidebar to the right? It says I'm very nice, with the link: http://www.operationnice.com/ I want to bring your attention to a particular entry on the blog that I connected with immediately at this link: http://www.operationnice.com/2009/10/i-did-my-assignment.html#links Melissa, the blogger made Halloween cards and candy bags and handed them out to her favorite Starbuck's employees as a random act of kindness. I connected with it because I did something little similar to this at a restaurent I went to on Halloween day. I had these little photo cards that had the cutest pumpkins on the front and some Halloween humor inside: "What is the ratio of a Jack-O-Lantern's circumference to it's Diameter? Answer: Pumpkin Pi! " After our meal and as I was leaving I slipped one of these cards on the table with a hand written 'thank-you from a customer' inside along side humor. ...I also made one out for my Physical Therpist the day before and handed it to her as I was leaving. It's nice way of both extending appreciation and gratitude.

Reading over Melissa's blog I got routed to another site whose photography and posts are most inspiring:

2) The site is entitled: 'Be yourself - Everyone else is taken' by Beth. It is a collection of photos and poems and just positive and inspiring peices. In particular is this one which caught my eye and heart: http://moredoors.blogspot.com/2009/10/i-dont-ever-want-to-judgedo-you.html Here Beth was walking along in and saw some kids having fun and laughing and figured out how to interact with them in the most amazing way with her photography. They all seemed to have fun and when all was said and done it left me smiling. You can find more on her post by Clicking on the 2009 in the right hand column of the post.

3) At the bottom of the Be Yourself site I found another link to tryout. See how my thread gets woven with jumping from one site to the next? It's all good but very time consuming. This new site is inspiring to me because I am hooked on numbers and time management ideas. I am not saying I'm especially great at this but it is a obsession of mine. Couple this with an engaging photographer and new ideas and I'm hooked. Have you ever seen a Human Calendar? Here you go: http://www.humancalendar.com/ To read about this just click on the calendar or go to http://www.humancalendar.com/about.php The link is cool because it actually changes when the calendar changes..you will see that is should be reading the current month! It is so much fun. The author/programmer Craig D. Giffin also has a human clock site: http://www.humanclock.com/ I am just too inspired.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Passing the Purple Hat - Erma Bombeck

This is a little delayed for October but since I have had some pretty close calls with cancer I figured better late than never for this little post.

Passing the Purple Hat IN honor of women's history month and in memory of Erma Bombeck who lost her fight with cancer. Pass this on to any women that you want watched over.

These are the colours that represent the different cancers.

IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER - by Erma Bombeck (written after she found out she was dying from cancer).

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage. I would have talked less and listened more.

I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.

I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.

I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband.

I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.

I would have sat on the lawn with my grass stains.

I would have cried and laughed less while watching television and more while watching life.

I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, 'Later. Now go get washed up for dinner.'

There would have been more 'I love you's'

More 'I'm sorry's.'

But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute.look at it and really see it . . live it and never give it back.


Don't worry about who doesn't like you, who has more, or who's doing what

Instead, let's cherish the relationships we have with those who do love us.

If you don't mind, send this message on to all the women you are grateful to have as friends.

Maybe we should all grab that purple hat earlier. This is a disease which affects all families... no one is exempt!

This message was going around in an email but it was so positive I just decided to post it as a blog item.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

David Allen on Decision-making

Do you have trouble making decisions? That could be a real blocker. Before you can take action you need to decide. Of course, simply making decisions won't guarentee you take action but if you get in to the habit of making a decision to act now or schedule things until later you will get more done for sure. Decide to act. Here is some great thinking on decision making and getting things done from David Allen...one of the most positive forces for positive thinking I have met!

David Allen is one of the best gurus on getting things done and making decisions I have yet to encounter. His techniques are helpful and effective. His writing and speaking skills are exemplary. It's a joy just to read his material. . I'm always inspired and optimistic after reading one of his newsletter entries. His thoughts on Decision-making are profoundly simple and common sensical.



If you had no trouble making decisions, you would probably have no trouble. You'd still have challenges, but problems would be in motion toward solutions, no "stuff" would lie around draining your psychic energy, and things to be done would be funneled into a process of completion as they show up instead of as they blow up.

There is obviously a strong connection between choice-making and productive, relaxed behavior. So, what's the issue about making decisions? Why don't you immediately and easily get off the dime with a pending choice and dispatch it? Several hindering factors could be at work:

1. Decisions require thinking, which takes time and energy. Often you feel you have neither.

2. You believe if you choose, you lose. Deciding means there's something you must sacrifice. Likely you are spoiled—you'd love to pretend that you could really have it all. You may add way too much reading material to your piles, for instance, instead of limiting it on the front end.

3. Bad choices get the blame. You can't be blamed for going off course if you're not yet on the course.

4. You potentially create lurking monsters. If you got feedback from every decision instantly, you could probably handle it easier than having to make choices for which the consequences could be far-reaching and unexpected.

So, if thorough front-end decision-making is a key success behavior, and you can easily get sidetracked, can you train yourself to make them quicker, better, and more thoroughly across your life and work? Sure.

The most all-encompassing approach would be to do whatever you need to do to gain a greater sense of self worth, giving you more confidence and reducing the fear of making mistakes. But perhaps the most significant short-term factor in ensuring consistent decision-making is increasing your discomfort with not doing it. If you raise the bar internally with how much ambiguity and lack of clarity you are willing to tolerate, you'll find it much easier (necessary, actually) to just get on with it. We spend thousands of hours holding a focus for our clients to make hundreds of thousands of decisions that have been pending in their psyche and their world—from random papers on their desk to key issues distracting their consciousness.

They would not have allowed those to linger had their comfort zone not tolerated them.
So how do you raise your standards about indecision you'll tolerate? Become conscious of the inventory of choices you haven't made, but need to. Realize that executive time and energy must be committed to expedite the process, and discipline yourself to empty your in-basket regularly. Commit to bigger results that require an intelligent allocation of your limited resources. And practice, practice, practice... until you get so accustomed to the energy you experience with a clear deck internally, you just won't allow the nagging lack of choice to linger.

2009 The David Allen Company. All Rights Reserved

Please feel free to forward this message to friends, family, and colleagues, keeping our contact and copyright information intact.

Please visit us on the web at http://www.davidco.com/, email us at info@davidco.com, or call 805-646-8432.

The David Allen Company407-F Bryant CircleOjai, CA 93023(805) 646-8432info@davidco.com
A Smarter Way to Work & Live®

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rainbow from October

A good day is a day with a rainbow! Seattle was dubbed the Emerald city a few years ago but a vote of the general populatons. I think it should have been called the rainbow city. We get quite a few rainbows around here. This year with all the sunshine we've been having it has been even better than most years.

What is a rainbow? Obviously it's a ribbon of light comprised of several colors. A prism in the sky made by rain and sun together. It is a dream for finding happiness. Following the rainbow to it's end for that pot of gold is an anecdote for following your dreams for your own happiness. One day when I first met my husband we asked each other a question about a wish. If you could have one wish what would it be? He went first. He said he would wish for happiness. I was impressed and immediately realized that I wanted that same wish. Whether we get money, fame, health or anything else in our lives it means nothing if we aren't happy. I still wanted all those other things and that didn't stop. But as for my wishes....happiness definitely topped the list for me. I wonder how others think about this. Why is it that happiness is the grandest wish of all?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dale Carnegie on Attitude - And the Little Golden Book

I am very high on the Dale Carnegie learnings. He was a master of helping people be more optimistic and his little golden book is a wonderful guidebook. I was fortunate to take a Dale Carnegie class a few years ago and we learned the lessons in the little Golden Book. I was especially lucky to have a great trainer named Nathan Czubaj (shoe-buy).
Carnegie's Golden Book: http://www.dalecarnegie.com/golden_book.jsp

Carnegie's Website for more information:

"Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think. So start each day by thinking of all the things you have to be thankful for. Your future will depend very largely on the thoughts you think today. So think thoughts of hope and confidence and love and success."
~ Dale Carnegie

Here is some great advice on how to reduce stress from the Dale Carnegie people!

Attitude Control to Reduce Stress

When you get your work attitudes under control, every other aspect of your work improves. Try to implement these attitude-control concepts to streamline your work habits.
Connect with Coworkers and Use Their NamesIt's easy to become so self-focused in a workday that you start to tune out your coworkers. This can add to a feeling of isolation and stress at work. It is better from a stress standpoint to reach out and greet others, learn their names, and maybe even win friends in the process.

Let Things Go

There comes a time when you recognize that the best solution is to relax and accept that you can't have everything turn out perfectly every time. If you feel like you are experiencing too much stress in a situation, ask yourself, "Is this a situation where I should just let go?" or "Does this need to be perfect?" The answer may surprise you.

Take Charge

Your attitudes improve when you take charge of situations and accomplish a goal. At the very least, you can take charge of your own workload, relationships, and attitude. When you hesitate or procrastinate, you undermine your energy and make your work more stressful than it has to be.

Stay Calm

Whatever it takes - counting to 10, taking deep breaths, going for a walk, or doing a quick meditation, concentrate on staying calm. Avoid overreacting, lashing out, or acting impulsively, which only adds to your stress level.

Appreciate the Uniqueness in Others

As much as you sometimes feel that way, you really would not like it if everyone was just like you at the workplace. It would be boring. Differences in backgrounds, perspectives, and work styles make the workplace more interesting and vibrant, not less. Work on appreciating the unique strengths of others and the richness they bring to your life.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Life isn't tied with a bow...but it's still a gift!
Enjoy it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What makes me happy - Gazebos!

I made a past an entry on what makes me happy and listed well over 20 items... see link: http://areyoupositive.blogspot.com/2009/08/light-your-day-with-smiles.html

One of the items listed was Gazebos! I love them. They make me smile whenever I see them. They remind me of many things like: the Sound of music, of people on their happy wedding days, of carousels and bands playing old time rag tunes, of beautiful craftsmanship, of vacation resorts, of friendly times and happy faces..just to name a few....sunsets and backyards too!

Friday, September 4, 2009

One Heart- Two hands and Audrey Hepburn - Spotlight

Sometimes you run into a soul mate. Someone who might think the same as you and feel about things the same as you do. People who think it's important to bring positive things into the light strike me as soul mates. I recently encountered a blog that I really liked. It is fairly new but the thoughts and ideas are so similar to my thinking I had to spotlight it. I had a comment on my last blog that I followed up on and discovered a very neat lady who has a blog called: One Heart – Two Hands. Her site title happens to have the last part of an Audrey Hepburn poem. I had taped a printout of this poem to my computer wardrobe door a couple of years agoe and it's still there. I love Audrey Hepburn..she is the soul of sophistication and elegance.

Anyone can see this quality in her photos, her movies, her voice. Here is the entire poem which ends with the reference to Two Hands. I am told that Audrey Hepburn favorite poem, by Sam Levensen, when asked to share her "beauty tips", was this one ....It was read at her funeral years later:
For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed;
Never throw out anyone.
Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one
the end of each of each of your arms.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands;
For helping yourself, and the other for helping others.

Thank-you to this wonderful blogger know as One Heart – Two Hands.
I'm thinking why is it that I think a lot of people will visit her site? Why is it that she has something of value to share?

Why is it that Audrey was so kind and elegant? You tell me....
here is a wonderful site with some of her accomplishments and more photos: http://www.princessmonkey.com/audrey/part1.html

It turns out that my wedding dance song came from one of her movies...Breakfast at Tiffany's...the song is "Moon River".....:)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Light your day with Smiles

Identify at least 20 + ways to reduce stress by focusing on what makes you smile. These are opportunities for both Home and Work implementations.. I thought I would publish my list because I was reviewing it today and I'm way past 20! Just reading the list makes me smile.

1. Jasmine (my daughter)

2. Ron (my guy)

3. nature walk

4. flowers

5. rollerblading

6. music pachebel

7. swans

8. photography

9. calligraphy

10. jewelry

11. sparkles

12. sunsets or sunrises

13. Fire in the fireplace

14. little red doll I made (make more!)

15. valentines

16. gazebos

17. french doors

18. Little cottages

19. Beaches

20. Palm trees

21. writing card or letter

22. making gifts for people

23. scrapbooking

24. markets

25. candles

26. clean room

27. other people smiling

28. my mom's talents and smile

29. my dad's smile and organization skills

30. my sister Kathy's talents and patience

31. inspirational cards/posters/photos

32. birthdays, mine and others

33. exercising with Karlyne

34. shopping at Costco with Ron

35. Ron's dinners

36. Watching Soccer

37. Movies - Charming dramas,mystery

38. Movies - good music - August Rush (music)

39. Music - Classical, Easy Jazzy, Pop Rock,

40. Music - Christmas, choirs,

41. Music - Strings - Guitars, Violins, Bass,

42. Music - Flutes, Harps, Dulcimers

43. Music - Bells

44. Music - Church singing

45. Mexico

46. California

47. Arizona

48. Florida

49. Washington

50. East Coast USA

51. West Coast USA

52. Oregon

53. Waterfalls

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Light of the day

Decided to change my blog header photo to something more appropriate to thinking positively. Of course I love quotes that are uplifting as well. When I get up in the morning I love to see the sun rising if I can. Our bedroom has a window which faces east, making that much easier to do for the most part. However, this is Seattle and there are many gray and foggy mornings. Surprisingly, there are many sunny and bright mornings as well in the area. The one thing I do when I'm on vacation is watch the sunset. I'm usually too tired to see the sunrise and sometimes the sunsets are just easier to see since the sun sets in the west and we tend to vacation on the Pacific Coast.
Here is a great photo of a sunrise I caught on a recent vacation in the Cruise port coming into Mazatlan.
Talk about lighting the day. It was a great start to a fun day. I wish I knew the answers to lighting tomorrow with today for everyone. I know that the seeds we sow each day are what germinate and manifest themselves for the future. I'm a strong believer in the thought that letting your light shine through each day can't help but light tomorrow for you and those around you. Doing something nice today...what a great idea!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Gratitude Dance

I'm on twitter now and as of this morning I'm trying to send my blog posts RSS feeds to the twitter feed. I'm experimenting with the best way to use it and thought one good way to use it is to get a direct feed to twitter of my blog posts. So far it hasn't updated yet...not sure how it works. However, as I was up on Twitter I noticed a post from my friend Theresa, which really made my day.

Her post linked to a site which showed a video of two guys who made up this dance called the gratitude dance: http://daily.finerminds.com/spirit/gratitude/the-gratitude-dance-you-dont-even-need-rhythm-to-do-this/ . I loved it and it really made me smile. I think it will make you smile too.

Considering that I'm sitting here with a broken leg and it still made me smile I figured that qualified it for a pretty good entry. I was thinking, I'm grateful that I only broke one leg! Even though my soccer days are numbered now...I think zero would be that number...:) I am grateful I got to play for a few games before my injury. It was so much fun. I have to admit that my bones are just too soft for me to take any more risk of injury to play again. That's just the breaks. (ha, ha).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thinking but not posting is ok! Sometimes.

Aha! You may have been wondering about the positive thought a day and where did it go? It didn't go anywhere! I'm still having positive thoughts every day even though I'm not posting them! I hope that you are having positive thoughts as well. There is power in sharing them so I have decided to make the extra effort to post more often. We all get busy and priorities set in to keep us from sharing as much as we like. The power of sharing is unbelievable. I've discovered that power again after reading a great article from Toastmasters on Journaling to realize your dreams by Joy Lardner. It's in a back issue from January of 2008 but well worth the read..here is a link: http://www.toastmasters.org/ToastmastersMagazine/ToastmasterArchive/2008/January/Departments_1/HowTo.aspx . Reading and journaling can help us dream and fulfill our dreams. What is written down has a much better chance of getting done. What we read shapes our dreams. What we share of our dreams helps others as well as ourselves. That's why thinking but not posting is ok for one person but thinking and posting our dreams and hopes benefits even more poeple. A good thing to consider when that writing slump period sets in as it will do from time to time!

Joy writes:

How To: The Joy of Journaling
Write things down and change your life!

By Joy Lardner, DTM

Write things down and change your life! When you embrace the joy of journaling, astonishing things begin to happen.

I think she is write...oops I mean right!

We wrote down that we wanted a sidewalk in our front yard....and voila....it happened!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's Hazy but nice

Even a hazy morning looks good in the sun. I like the palm trees on the Mazatlan, Mexico horizon too. Something about the filtered light makes me want to stay here forever and daydream. Funny how the words haze and daze have connected meanings. Haziness is about uncertainty and being in a fog. Being dazed is about not being fully cognizant of your surroundings...in a sort of mental fog. In any case, the point is that sometimes when it's hazy it's nice. However, being in a daze can be nice because I think daydreams are like being in a daze.......so let's revel in those hazy, crazy days of summer and get to daydreaming! That does bring back some summertime memories for me. Good ones.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Keep Flying if you want to fly

My goal to post a positive thought each day is still a valuable goal. Even though some days I cannot make a post due to other priorities...what I'm learning is that if I want to fly I need to keep flying...keep it up..... The flying is worth it. That's my thought for the day. I'm reseting my goal to be more realistic for me right now to posting a positive thought as often as I can...possibly daily and possibly less often! Now, reseting my goals let's me soar a little....:)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Success and Sacrifice

So what do these surfboards have to do with success and sacrifice? They are the visible signs of an entrepreneur in process! A young man started a water toy rental business near where we keep our boat. He is fully committed! I believe that to be successful you do need to make some sacrifices..for example it you own a business you need to be there and on top of what is going on in that business or you lose out. However, it is much better if you are doing what you love. the young man who owns this business loves surfing. It is an amazing thing to watch his business take shape and become successful. What is his sacrifice? He is at the shop instead of surfing! I think that is what success is about..knowing what to do next and what not to do next....

Now, how's that for inspiring?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Apples, Pears, Oranges, Bananas

How lucky I am to be able to have so many different fruits at the same time during the year. Not to mention the melons and berries. Fruit is very good for us and especially in the morning. That's my positive thought for the day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Unexpected

Mischief is on the left with her little sister, Minka on the right.

Sometimes unexpected things happen and they make us sad. Last night a raccoon attacked one of our cats, Mischief. She was backed into a corner and got badly mauled. She was put down. She was in her later years being 13. It was sad and unexpected. Moments like these make us pause and appreciate the times we had with Mischief. She will be missed. It's the good memories that should linger now...nothing can be done about the past....but the mourning is still needed. A Time to feel sad is needed for healing and to remember the good. Her sister was not hurt because she happened to be out of the area at the time.

Rest in Peace, Mischief.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Bird of an idea

While this bird may not be real it certainly has some appealing qualities...the sparkly purple feathers, the ability to put this on a display and not have it fly away and maybe even the fact that it might make someone look twice and get their attention. Sometimes even things that aren't real can have a very real impact. I never underestimate the power of a sparkly object to attract my attention. All said, real birds have always fascinated me. The difference is that real birds have the power to fly..while birds like the purple one in this photo have the power to make our ideas and thoughts fly.

I imagined several things when I purchased this little bird such as the bird of paradise in a tropical setting, the little white doves on wedding cakes, the white feathered birds I place on my christmas tree each year just to mention a few. The bird in the photo was part of a display I had at a recent craft show where I showcased my cards and photos. It did bring me luck..I sold my first large framed and matted photo...:)

Monday, May 18, 2009

D Bells are Ringing

You may wonder what in the world this entry has to do with being positive. I started playing church bells less than a year ago. Church bells have always mesmerized me and when I had an opportunity to learn to play I jumped at the chance. Here are two of the 'D' Bells....middle D's..one a natural D and one a D#. This entry is about following your passions and desires. It's been a great experience and well worth the committment of practicing every Tuesday night. Ringing D bells and other bells is one of my passions now. I find that keeping an open mind to new experiences is important for growth....now to figure out how to shed some of the old passions to make room for the new. That subject is reserved for another entry. The bells have it and for that matter they have me for now!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stick with it!

When you believe in something...stick with it! Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged when noone notices your accomplishments or when you feel a loss of energy to go on with a project. What I've found is that despite all the barriers to success that can occur the one thing that overcomes it all is persistance and stick-with-it-ness....is that a word? The future is not going to quit coming at us so stick with your goals. One step at a time ..sometimes these may be very little steps but it doesn't matter...moving forward even an inch at a time can add up and encourage you to accomplish some really cool things.
The bird that made this nest needed two things: sticks and stick-with-it-ness....Persistance paid off and now there is a nest for the little babies when they come. Even birds intuitively know what to do.
The choice is yours, the time is now and the next step is up to you. I decided to make an entry tonight after many days of absence..why? Just felt that this blog was a good idea and am sticking with it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mistakes are how we learn

Learning anything comes with it's challenges. Making mistakes is just part of the program. Some learn quicker and some are a little slower. I find I end up making mistakes usually because I hurry or don't plan ahead well. Getting enough sleep the night before helps as well.

This morning I was tasked with giving an inspirational opening to a Toastmaster meeting. I had committed to bringing some food to the session. One of my roles this year in the club is to act as the Membership officer of the club and provide welcome packets to guests and help them fill out paperwork if they decide to join. We have some great welcome packets which I usually have 2 or 3 handy to give out to any visitors.

Last night I went to bed quite late due to working on another project. It definitely came back to haunt me in the morning. I finally chose my subject for the 1-2 minute inspirational topic. It was a wonderful poem by Charlotte Bronte about Life: http://www.online-literature.com/brontec/3074/ March is Women in History month and I chose Charlotte's poem. The very last line is: " For gloriously, victoriously,Can courage quell despair! " I just loved the way the poem ended.. I had a great time reading it to everyone even though halfway through the short poem one of our members knocked over a cup of water with ice and it went flying across the table. I paused and laughed and went on.

Back to my topic about making mistakes...I was concentrating so hard on choosing just the right reading that I completely forgot to bring one of the food items and the welcome packets. We did have two guests who decided to join up. It all worked out alright in the end as we rounded up some forms and promised to followup with the welcome packets for next time. Although I made a mistake and forgot some things I did remember the value of making checklists for next time. That should help alleviate this and make the next experience much smoother. ....not to mention getting enough sleep the night before...which by the way it looks as though I may need to relearn that lesson tonight for tomorrow..or should I say this morning?

Mistakes are how we learn to grow....my goal is make very few of them ...but not to let them stop me! ...the photo in this entry was a successful one but only after many others which did not turn out very well...but I'm glad I kept clicking....it is of a sunset in DesMoines, Washington over Puget Sound.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fear of Success?

Why would someone fail because they have a fear of succeeding? That sure sounds like an Oxymoron...doesn't it? But it is very real and happens to be one of the barriers to success. It's really about a lack of self-confidence in that if once you succeed more will be expected...and how will one manage that? More pressure, more expectations, more stress....but wait. If we have a passion for something then we shouldn't fear succeeding...(assuming it is not a dangerous or destructive passion - I do have to make that qualification - this is a place for positive thinking about positive things).

I read something the other day that struck me as quite wise....It was from my favorite blog on positive thinking and the article was about a timeless tip than can make your life a whole lot easier - here is link to the whole article if you would like to read it: http://www.positivityblog.com/index.php/2009/03/06/one-timeless-tip-that-can-make-your-life-a-whole-lot-easier/

In summary, the article discussed the idea that we can control our action but not necessarily the results of the action...you take an action about something that you believe in...you put yourself out there and your motive is pure...to share information, to enlighten the world...but whether or not that objective is reached is beyond your control. Yet it is important that you do something because doing nothing is the worst thing you can do. Don't attach yourself to the result...instead attach yourself to the action. Focus on what you are doing more than on the results.....I think the article does a better job than I do explaining this idea but I liked it.
A practical example might be a rose garden. When planning a rose garden it's hard not to think about the result because of the beauty you expect. However, if you don't focus on the action of actually ordering and planting the rose itself you will not succeed.....if you fear it will be too much work when it is done you will not succeed.... if you focus on the action of getting it done...you will succeed and you will not be so worried about what happens when you do!

When you put things in motion..the last thing you want to do is fear you will succeed.....so focus on getting the job done and it will be a lot easier on you...it will also be much more fun. If more work comes your way because you succeeded...you can cross that bridge when you get to it....it is not as difficult to cross as you may think...especially if it is something you are passionate about.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Followup on my Courage Speech

The speech was delivered ...that's about all I can say. I had way too much material and so I found myself digressing a little. I had a Yin Yang analogy with Fear on one side and Courage on the other...you can't have one without the other but they are polar opposites.
There was a lot in the speech for the short time frame I had and probably should have given myself another week or so to think it out more but it is what it is. I'll be working on it some more since I will be delivering it again soon.....for another venue. I discovered a lot of ways to look at courage and kept coming back to how many places I can find it in myself and others to. A friend gave me some feedback that maybe I should use the Encouragement idea more as a theme....we will see.... In any case...a focus on courage rather than fear may be the positive result and learning out of this. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

What is courage?

Today's entry is a commentary on courage and preparation for a speech I hope to make this week at my local Toastmasters club. For those that may not be familiar with Toastmasters it is a very positive non-profit organization which focuses on helping people be the best communicators and leaders they can be! They have member clubs throughout the world and for as little as $4.50 per month they provide an environment of learning like no other I've seen.

There are manuals that are part of the learning. The basic manual goes over the basic skills. I am planning to speak out of one of the basic manuals for my speech this week on the subject of courage. My objective is to persuade others to take action when action is needed. The timing on this speech is a 5-7 minutes.

Some brainstorming thoughts on courage...it can come in many forms...liquid courage, naive courage, desperate courage are some forms. It's not always about a conscious choice. It's about doing what's needed when it's needed. It's about returning things that you've found, it's about taking time to help someone in need, it's about facing up to your shortcomings as well as taking opportunities to grow!

It's about knowing your weaknesses...like Peanut Buster Parfaits....and turning them into strengths....taking time to enjoy a treat with a friend.....

I've thought more and I think it's interesting how the word courage is in the middle of the word encouragement...don't you? Here is a great site on the topic of encouragement: http://encouragement-wired.com/default.aspx I get the newsletter and it is amazing the stories of people overcoming adversity that get posted here.

More brainstorming - courage is about being little but acting big, it's about the wisdom of not being too wise not to act, it's about so many things. There is an element of courage in all virtues and positive values: compassion, love, persistance, integrity, hope, etc.......sometimes the more we know the less we want to act....for fear of doing the wrong thing....the opposite of courage is fear. Courage is within us, around us and compels us.

Some short clippings from my past on courage....the courage to memorize my math times tables, spelling words and catechism lessons to compete in a contest! The courage to walk to school alone. The courage to learn something new and know you can do it. The courage that comes from someone believing in you despite your misgivings. The courage to step up to the plate and bat the ball, to step onto a court and swing the racquet, to strap on those roller blades and go skating, to pull on those ice skates and go gliding, to do almost any sport for the first time....

What is courage? I'm still working on it...more later...:)


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge - Winter

My other blog is being revamped into a Virtual Art Gallery blog so in the meantime I will be using this Positive Thinking blog for ideas and photo entries that further my positive thinking in that direction.


The Blogger community Photo challenge this time is winter...I have a great photo of a winter scene that I've also used in some of my photo cards. It may be part of one of my gallery themes in the near future so it may turn up again. In the mean time I'm staring a list of gallery items for my photos and will hopefully have at least 12 themes - one for every month....or more. It's just a kernel of an idea right now but who knows where it will lead?

Here is my winter backyard scene.....snowy benches talking to each other about their winter covers!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Name Game

I thought this was a great idea for an entry which I got from Nancy on Capt'n Nancy blog:

Name Game
Nancy found this game on Facebook and thought it was cute. You have to name everything in the letter of your first name.Here is mine. Right click and change answers then post to your blog or e-mail your friends. So, have fun. oh by the way..NO CHEATING

1. What is your name: Maria
2. A four Letter Word: Mars
3. A boy's Name: Mike
4. A girl's Name: Michelle
5. An occupation: Manicurist
6. A color: Magenta
7. Something you wear: Mittens
8. A food: Mushrooms
9. Something found in the bathroom: Mirror
10. A place: Mt. Rainier
11. A reason for being late: Missed the bus
12. Something you shout: Mom!
13. A movie title: Mission Impossible
14. Something you drink: Margaritas
15. A musical group: Mambo #5
16. An animal: Meercat
17. A Street name: Main St.
18. A type of car: Mercury

PS: don't forget to visit hers.. Name Game :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The glitter or not the glitter?

I've been thinking...although I've read that Ray Bradbury, a famous science fiction writer says...don't think, just do!...similar to Yoda's remarks from Star Wars........ I've been thinking about blogging topics on positive thinking that are of value to others as well as myself. I've always had an attraction to glitter and anything that sparkles. Now this may seem to be a bit strange, some may say it is. When you think about it though glitter is about shiny and bright light. Isn't that a positive experience? The twinkling stars above us and shimmering reflections of light on water just seem magical to me. The sparkling effects are caused by the movement of light reflecting on a surface that has many facets or a surface that is moving itself . I toy with the idea of not having animated sparkly entries which might cause me to stray from the topic for my blog. Then I compromise and add something that might be considered to satisfy my objective while still providing a little animation or interest. I'm still looking for the right balance and have come to the conclusion that it's good to have some glitter. We could all use some glitz, glamour and glitter at times....it makes us smile. I just love that glitter!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A most positive Time - Valentine's

I think Valentine's day can be one of the most positive times of the year. So take some time to think about the greatest gift of all...love...:)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nature as an Inspiration!

I find that there are so many inspiring things in nature....check out this very lovely slideshow and music from Simple Truths. It is a smile and a rest for the soul that I cannot avoid sharing with you! Don't worry about the ad at the end..it's not at all required......I didn't know how to remove it...but it doesn't hurt any thing....oh yes, and turn up the sound after clicking on the link.

The bird photo below is from last year's trip to Mexico..the wingspans were enormous and I never did find out what these birds were called...:)

Thinking Better....

We all make a difference! Graphic by Chris: http://cabscreationschatter.blogspot.com/

Thinking better is always a good goal. If you would like some tips on this check out this intro to the Positivity Blog:

Article by Henrik Edberg. Follow me on Twitter.
”Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?” Winnie the Pooh
”The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein
When I was younger I used to think that thinking was the best thing since sliced bread. So I thought. And though and thought. And then I thought some more. It had some wonderful and positive effects such as helping me to get good grades in school.
But on the other hand this thinking was also trapping me and limiting me in various ways. One of my biggest insights in recent years is that there are a lot of both positive and negative sides to how you think. So learning to use my thinking in a better way has become a main focus and also one of the most beneficial things I have ever done.
Now, this may sound a little vague so I let’s explore some of the facets of thinking with the timeless help from clever people that have gone before us.
1. You are what you think.
“As you think, so shall you become.” Bruce Lee

This is not a fairy tale! I promise...special thanks to my sister and mom for the garden fairy. :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Roses in a Smile

This entry is just some Roses in a Smile....or is it a Smile in some Roses? You decide...:)
It's hard to find anything more positive than a genuine smile..which is what I do when I get flowers! Here are some for you!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some reasons to get rid of Negative Thinking!

I've mentioned this site before but I just got a feed today that I thought was a really good one from the Positivity Site and want to pass it on...go to this link: 8 Awesome Reasons to Blast Negativity Out of Your Life, and How to Do It to find out more. I thought it had some great quotes and ideas as usual. I'm never dissappointed with this blog. It is like a very bright spot in my journey to see how others handle thinking positive!

Below is a bright spot for you! One of my favorite sunset shots of the Ixtapa, Mexico sunset. You've seen this photo before but I decided to make it a little bigger this time:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Heart of Stone

How can a heart of stone be positive? I'll tell you how...when you find it among a bunch of other stones! Every notice how easy it is to find heart shapes in a pile of rocks? I have...I'm always finding them. They always make me smile...even though they are made of stone....now that's a good thing. Next time you are out and about keep an eye out for heart shaped stones. It's such a delight to see one amidst all the other shapes...somehow it softens the view of all those hard rocks. So remember to look for the unexpected heart amidst all the stone and you will find it...I'm sure of it....in the rocks that is. ...and smile away.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unseen Angels

From my earliest days I have believed in positive energy. I think it surrounds us all and all we need to do is tap into it. Maybe that is why I believe there are unseen angels around us too. Now that may seem a bit odd...a lot of people think angels are for little children. I disagree. Angels are everywhere. They may not look like they have wings but they do. Whenever someone does something nice for you..that is angelic. Imagine them with a halo and white feathery wings. This may seem funny but why not? That imagery is so...shall I say it? Heavenly! Here is photo of a statue that I have posted before of a baby in the arms of an angel...and I'll be adding a few others as time allows....how's that for a Sunday posting?
Remember this post and be an Angel!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Take time to Play

It's important to take time to play periodically because it can have a great effect on your attitude. Remember the days of carefree playing outdoors? Didn't it feel great...remember not being able to wait until you could just get outside and play in the park or the woods? The physical activity is what I'm talking about! It is good for your endorphyns (...I'll have to check the spelling on that word..). This snowy playground reminded me of those days of fun and frolick. I used to love to climb and was sorely tempted to do some climbing on this little playground equipment but it was pretty cold so I opted out and took a photo instead. So, I just have to remember to take time out for a little Playing each day....it's a quick easy way to boost your attitude!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Operation Nice - Create a Mantra for your Resolution

Check out this link to Melissa's Operation Nice blog (you can also see it anytime on my sidebar link): http://www.operationnice.com/2009/01/nice-assignment-create-mantra.html

I love her entry about resolutions and an idea of a different approach this year. Create a mantra that captures the essence of your resolutions for the year..captures the essence of you...or at least tries to do that...:)

I love the idea of creating a mantra for my resolutions…..I’ve also had the idea of doing things in categories of threes..top 3’s to speak…but let’s stick with the mantra thing. A great site I have visited is produced by one Melissa called Operation Nice.
She had the entry at this link: NICE Assignment: Create a Mantra which is all about creating a mantra for your resolution..something simple that you can repeat to yourself…her example for the year was: Be Nice and Have fun…
Now I may have to create several mantras to repeat because I have a lot of ideas for improvement but looking at my key goals for the year so far and last years topics…it is a dilemma on what to choose for my top mantra…and then it struck me..it has to be about being positive and optimistic, kind, smart and quick thinking, clear minded and with focus and conviction on whatever I may strive to accomplish…these must be in my mantra!!!!! How will I boil it down to the essence of what I want to do this year? …..I saw a quote the other day on one of those PPS slideshows that come around via email that said: “Aspire to Inspire – before you Expire”…..I like that one…I want to be more than just a success I want to do something of significance….

my mantra for 2009 is: “Aspire to Inspire – before I Expire”…this will help me to remember that time is short, that what I do must be kind and focused, I must have conviction and strive to be clear minded and quick thinking, optimistic and positive so I don’t waste time brooding…..

now for a photo to go with it….hmmmmm…..ASPIRE TO INSPIRE – BEFORE I EXPIRE - These bright sunsets in Mexico should work as my reminder…..life is short, beautiful, brilliant and inspiring.

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