Am I POSITIVE? - Yes, I am!!!!! Optimism is good for everyone! It's not just a fantasy...because I can make it a reality.

I love fantasy art..it is so inspiring and gives me lots of ideas....Thus it is like Positive Art which helps me visualize the best in things around me. Positive movies, paintings, songs, buildings, poems, stories, ..and more.

In keeping with my theme:I will attempt to always keep the sunshine in my heart and share with others the cool breezes of my smiles as much as possible.

I will Visualize the good things and dream how to be amazing so I can make it a reality! :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stick with it!

When you believe in something...stick with it! Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged when noone notices your accomplishments or when you feel a loss of energy to go on with a project. What I've found is that despite all the barriers to success that can occur the one thing that overcomes it all is persistance and stick-with-it-ness....is that a word? The future is not going to quit coming at us so stick with your goals. One step at a time ..sometimes these may be very little steps but it doesn't matter...moving forward even an inch at a time can add up and encourage you to accomplish some really cool things.
The bird that made this nest needed two things: sticks and stick-with-it-ness....Persistance paid off and now there is a nest for the little babies when they come. Even birds intuitively know what to do.
The choice is yours, the time is now and the next step is up to you. I decided to make an entry tonight after many days of absence..why? Just felt that this blog was a good idea and am sticking with it!

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